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As a member of DigitalBasel you are part of a leading platform of digital creatives and innovators. The membership will present you with many benefits and gives you an active role in shaping our region’s future.

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You are part of a fast growing and powerful community.


You participate in projects with local and international impact.


You get access to the latest innovation and digital technologies.


You support the digital ecosystem in the region of Basel.

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We are part of a global network and cultivate relationships worldwide to meet the needs of our stakeholders.

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What our members say about us.

“At Indigo we use digital technology to support grower profitability, environmental sustainability and customer health around the globe. DigitalBasel provided me the information I needed to present to my board and the CEO. And my presentation was making Basel a winner over Zurich. I am proud to lead the European operations from our new headquarters in Basel.”

Georg Goeres, Head Europe Indigo AG